Tagxedo uses a large number of free fonts, all properly licensed for commercial use. Please notify us if you have any font-related suggestion or comments, and if you believe certain fonts are incorrectly licensed (if deemed the case, the said fonts will be removed). The following is the list of fonts used by Tagxedo (note some of the fonts are no longer used by Tagxedo). Links to the authors are provided whenever possible (or else download links are provided).

SAF by Fontfabric. Pea Mee-Mee by Kevin and Amanda. ClassizismAntiqua by Manfred Klein.
Duality by Ray Larabie. AnotherHandFont by Lindkvist. Avril Lavigne by Unknown.
Aldo Sacha Rein. Andrea Karime by Raúl Andrés Pérez Canseco. Apantasia 2 by Ernesto Aparicio.
Army by Unknown. Atrox by Atrox. Cairo by Unknown.
Christmas Card by Harold's Fonts. Cony by Serge Shi. Desigers by Peter Wiegel.
Euphorigenic by Ray Larabie. Franchise by arro. FutureFont by Unknown.
Goudy Bookletter 1911 by Barry Schwartz. Headline One by HPLHS Prop Fonts. Justus by Khunrath.
Kimberley by Ray Larabie. Lane A by Ash Pikachu Font. Liberation Serif by Red Hat, Inc.
Like Cockatoos by kevin Richey. Lino Chisel by Vic Fieger. Matt Smith Doctor Who by thejamjar96.
Minya Nouvelle by Ray Larabie. MKorsair by Manfred Klein. Nasalization by Ray Larabie.
Paper Cuts by Daniel Werneck. Pottery Barn by Michael A. Hernandez Jr. Prussian Brew Solid by GemFonts.
Regellos by Lis Bokt. Remington Noiseless by Richard Polt. Schneller by Lis Bokt.
Simple Slum__G by Goma Shin. Steelfish by Ray Larabie. Taxidermist by Disturbed Type.
UglyQua by Manfred Klein. VNI Thuphap by HungLan Design. Yiggivoo by Peter Wiegel.
Zephyr Script FLF by Unknown. Carslon Antique by Alan Carr. New Yorker by Alan Carr.
Distro by Apostrophic Lab. Mary Jane Antique by Apostrophic Lab. Ferrum by arro.
Tenderness by Arro. License Plate by Dave Hansen. Arabella by Dieter Steffmann.
Chelsea by Dieter Steffmann. Dobkin Script by Dieter Steffmann. Draft Gothic by Digital Empires.
D3 Globalism by Digital Dream Design. D3 Smartism by Digital Dream Design. Essai by Diogene.
Robot Teacher by Divide by Zero. PoRhythm by Elephant Shape. RangoMovieFont by FZ.
The Real Font by GemFonts. Rough Cut by House of Eraser. Geometric Serif by Intellectadesign.
Cricket by l'Abécédarienne. Splurge by l'Abécédarienne. Fairfax Station by Nick's Fonts.
Ironick NF by Nick's Fonts. AB Dent by redFONTS. Parchment MF by Rick Mueller.
Anudaw by Nyek! Pinoy Komik Fonts. Bearpaw by Dennis Anderson. Blazing by John Cosgriff.
ChunkFive by The League of Moveable Type. CutOutsFLF by Casady & Greene. League Gothic by the League of Moveable Type.
Little Trouble Girl by Jess Latham. Miama by Linus Romer. Mido by Eva Grinder.
PixieFont by David Rakowski. SF Collegiate Solid by ShyFonts. SF Slapstick Comic by ShyFonts.
Teen by Ray Larabie. Utility by Rotodesign. ZalamanderCaps Extrabold by Just Another Foundry Fonts.
Daela-Bold by Martin Plus Fonts. New Day Script by Richard William Mueller. Ptarmigan Condensed by Tepid Monkey.
Anton by Vernon Adams. Bevan by Vernon Adams. Smythe by Vernon Adams.
Freeze by Kevin and Amanda. Greer by Kevin and Amanda. Kwekel by Kevin and Amanda.
My Own Topher by Kevin and Amanda. Waterfalls by Kevin and Amanda. Megalopolis Extra by Jack Usine.
Mariah by Unknown. Boston Traffic by Vic Fieger. Wunderbar by Vic Fieger.
Yanone Kaffeesatz Bold by Yanone.


Most of Tagxedo's themes are derived from ColourLovers's palette collection. Although not a prerequisite for use, I try to give the attribution whenever possible, mostly in chronological order of inclusion (note some of the palettes are no longer used by Tagxedo).

Machu Picchu by ruecian. Femme Fatale by rotten. William Peeking by inuyana8.
Lena's Love Letter by LovelyLena. Vintage Modern by ericaspooner. Shine Down by nanochromaddict.
Lit Love by misat*. Automn by aeidail. Automn by aeidail.
Very Love by Zlaika. Leah Duncan by PitchDesign. Out of Order by Miss_Anthropy.
Dress Better, Man by inuyana8. Berendt by seventy love songs. Fall by laracat0801.
Road Block by Trixxie. Long Kiss Goodbye by inuyana8. So Quiet Now! by sandradumit.
Earth Sky by riotgrl1953. Sweet Relaxation by TwoSouth. Autumn Wedding by korrykay.
Dream a Galaxy by princess21ssj. Show it Off by CinderAlchemist. Aye Aye, Captain! by sweetmist.
Prompt Response by ppkmd. You Make my Day by angeldemonxx. Soft Autumn 6 by clairyfairy.
Spring Sushi by amoreeika. Accademia by Opificium. Strange Day by agia.
FFT Palette by arsheph. Tokyo by Mandolinly. CL 5 Top 4 Avilluk by avilluk.
Metis by MuuFizz. Wondering About You by Twinklemittens. Kitchen by racquel.
Some Mediterranean by sandradumit. Huge Friend by Dei! 51610.7 by normaltrouble.
51610.8 by normaltrouble. Adorable Blue Whale by Miauve. Primarily by mabills.
Cool Cucumber by leapingwaters. A Little Love by colorpie. Constantin by manekineko.
Brightness Falls by fauverouge. Autumn Leaves by colorpie. Los Tonos by Cherryflip.
Playa de Peru by Jeleuka. Terryapodaca by terryapodaca. The Naked Palette by colourmad.
People Eater by ne14whips6. Pinocchio by sandradumit. Tulipas by Camomilas.
Wedding Day by kittiepai. Year After Year by jimmyjames. Sea by nichiun nata.
Retro Reality by jessilou. Easy by nichiun nata. ..The Note.. by NakuruAngel.
Isquioma by absolutbeer. Pleasing by meaghan. LilGirlsAreDangerous by Lucea.
LilGirlsAreDangerous by Lucea. Blendings by Mandolinly. Mr. Brightside by jeremycole.
Feest van den Boom by creynders. The End by Mykee. T-09 by ARDIS.
A.cuisine twist by chill_les. BFN by anelimb. Horoscope by anelimb.
Avocado by zombiebex. CMD3 by CMD1. Just Peachy by Podesta.
Yellow Finch by ccpenrod. Stolen Away by dancingintherain. Camillia 8 by ccpenrod.
Cardinal 3 by ccpenrod. Featherstone by Podesta. Harkening by street.
La Tunisienne by xelance. Pink & Purple World by vianey. Cognac & June by wolfgrin.
Turn Off the Lights by jeremycole. Katch a Kiwi by napkin guy. Standard Camo by Xaviara.
Boiled Crab by ccpenrod. The Moody Prince by Podesta. A Younger Man by mhkmummy.
Bejeweled Bird Wings by Nan Keltie. Night Lights by lexieraine. Green Tea and Rage by gardenprophet.
Tee Hause by chill_les. Bowl of Oranges by yellowbird. Sail The 7 Seas by lilylavida.
Last Chance by napkin guy. Golf Course 4 by ccpenrod. Hibiscus 4 by ccpenrod.
The Vowels by seventy love songs. Penguinade * by roverraven. viñas by ver.
Terrarium Sand by coriej. Rock Mint Splash by siriangel. Rock Mint Splash by siriangel.
Geisha by colorpie. Honeycomb by colorpie. Dual Butterfly by Hot Pink Butterfly.
Sorbet by alewis.skye. Cherry blossom by paristokyo. Longleaf Pine 3 by ccpenrod.
Sofie Thorne by Yamino. Mums 3 by ccpenrod. Mums 3 by ccpenrod.
Unapologetic by praxicalidocious. 52 34 by rosalarose. Be Brave by inuyana8.
Sun and Shadow by colorpie. Red Sky at Night by napkin guy. Punk princess by JahJah92.
Surprise by sarajaneloyd. Gathered Three by kalindy. Leonum Rex by aemelia.
Lacuna by Lerner. Mediocrity Moves. by velveteen. Transcribing a Dream by praxicalidocious.
Fresh by firstlove. Prom Night by mambus. May I Join You by bokili.
Zing by agathejs. Prepossessing by tart. Coffeee by lilith_zakharyan.
Grand Scale by Mahala74. Homage to the Chefs by kristi. Greenish Splat by dennisthemenace.
Spotless Mind by Dailyukulele. Neighbors suck by normaltrouble. Inequality by Mandolinly.
Falling by raina_t. Yeah, Bite me! by joy_of_summer. Either way by Freak4Color.
Maddening Caravan by manekineko. Got It Going On by Mgine. Ocean by spellcheck.
Blulola by sirda. Drop Space by starblazer. Aline by Alineencinas.
Seashells by mindspring. Happy Brights by Ashluvie. Retro by etihwakire.
Plaid purse by manon74. Brights by harriod. Sm okay by mikia.
Chupap by vadams01. Tidal by riverpigeon. Crow by Michael Edgerley.
Jus hangin by caliber. To: vadams01 by Safbi. Ring toss by wist.
Forest life by derniercri8. Azmar by Safbi. Boogie Oogie Oogie by cream_puff.
Silv by silser. Now And For Always by ninarosenstein. Beautiful things by chill_les.
Ripe Avocado by Squidman. Nb 1 by nimoh. Profile Colors by jkleering.
Bird by kittybitty. Strange Current by Pennington. 3624 5 by rosalarose.
46 472 by rosalarose. Be Mine by Pennington. Street Level by owlies.
Carnival RC by Any Palacios. Painterly pixels by napkin guy. Painterly pixels by napkin guy.
Rationalization by tobecontinued3. Pi Palette by TweetWhatCarrot. Swallowed up by Catazyna.
Kraken by evorayne. Warm fruits by DuskEva. Maria Antonina by el_gusano.
Ocean Five by DESIGNJUNKIE. Wonderfully Mistaken by koala988. fallen in love by Glutton.
Blue vs Grey by ntlwr. citrus wasabi by shes ILL. The Truth by sundancer.
Best of 'O5 by cookii. Red Tops by faith4faith. Elephant in the Room by starfishian.
Mr.Personality #APC by chill_les. Sunset on Watert by Gartenfee81. pink trouble by Solitude.
Kimono by Gartenfee81. Soapbox Parade by lovelyfailed. Denim Parachute by beiser.
Dance with Me by tranquilspaces. Vague Butterfly by wingedvictory. Burning Angel by w00p.
All I Want is You by rageforst. Soft Rage by electrikmonk. You Should be Glad by rageforst.
Best Christmas Eva by electrikmonk. Shades of Purple by o0Miaka0o. Be My Boy by sinta schneider.
Influenza by Miaka. Cuyahoga Valley by Skyblue2u. Shades of Gray by ilovelj.
Vibrations of a Rose by Skyblue2u. Shades of Green by catbyrd. Cake Bakery by Mithum.
Maybe I'm Colorblind by dammar. Wife on Mars by Girl Meets Boy. Quiet Morning by Skyblue2u.
Cobblestone Jazz by mravka. Boys are Icky by geeksmakemehot. Necktie by greenie.
I'm Alive by leslie. iam_Otl_02 by iamgavin_. Outsource the Stars by Skyblue2u.
Limeade on Ice by Skyblue2u. Wonderful Tirzah by Earth. Inside This Moment by heykelley.
Dangerous Tap Water by lemurlint. Arizona Sunrise by eekabee. Psycho by Miaka.
Library [Aalto] by elpasa01. Kona Coast by Skyblue2u. Amazoness by manekineko.
Shades of Red by maeeileenii. T r a n c e by electroluv. Shades of Orange by xstarryxeyedxkidx.
Shades of Yellow by xstarryxeyedxkidx. The Tibetan Monk by Yasmino. Koi Carp by Tzadkiel.
Caketime by raichu. My Pet Elephant by gibbygirl. Super Powers by EnaBean.
Vintage Movie Star by Skyblue2u. Pretty Little Duck by koala988. Candy Corn by turtledove.
AudacesFortunaluvat by piginox. 200 Fruits of Passion by ksantipa. Miaka by GlueStudio.
Girlie Show by lunalein. Timothy by pitchoune. Lady Victoria by restyourwings.
Summer Night Makeout by groutboy. Slow Motion by tvr. BestOfTheEarth by katry.
Sunset by Coriolan. Clouds Over Castle by Skyblue2u. Sweetly She Slumbers by Lady Beth.
Best Day of my Life* by Sunny21327. Cool Planet Sunrise by Mithun_.


Most of the free shapes are converted from either public domain images (in Jpeg or Png), or public domain cliparts (in SVG). Most were partially altered for robustness and smaller footprint. Most images come from or

A few of the shapes are converted from Flickr images that are free for commercial use (with attribution). They include:

Gallery Examples

Some of the gallery examples are derived from Copyrighted materials, but whose usage is protected under the Copyright Fair Use doctrine. See an official explanation or a easy-to-understand explanation by Wikipedia. In particular, Tagxedo (1) extensively transforms the original material with new expression, meaning, and message, (2) does not in any way harm the copyright owner's market or the potential market of the original, (3) borrow only a small amount (De Minimis) of information (shape outlines) from the original, and (4) all materials are published and readily available and hence the element of first public revelation does not come into play. Nonetheless, Tagxedo fully respects copyrights, and please notify if you believe there is any copyright violation.


Some of the social media icons are from the excellent Free Social Media Icon Set: Chrome collection by Chris Wallace.


Tagxedo uses a variety of software (both open-source and close-source):

  • A part of the software is licensed from Coloroke.
  • FontNameFromFile is used to retrieve filenames from TTF, licensed under the Code Project Open License (CPOL).
  • imagetools is used to encode PNG files, licensed under the Microsoft Public License (MsPL).
  • Zip Storer is used to create zip files, licensed under the Microsoft Public License (MsPL).
  • FJCore is used to encode images as Jpeg files, licensed under the MIT License.
  • This is used to parse JSON data, licensed under the MIT License.
  • The color picker code is obtained from EasyPainter Source Pack (no license required).
  • ZLib.NET from Componentace is used as the compression engine to create zip files, licensed under the following License (BSD-like).
  • Copyright (c) 2006, ComponentAce
    All rights reserved.

    Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
    Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution. Neither the name of ComponentAce nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDERS AND CONTRIBUTORS "AS IS" AND ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHAN